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Задание 1.

1. What would you like to do this weekend?

2. Why haven’t you got a dictionary?

3. When did you start learning English?

4. What were you doing when our customer phoned?

5. Does your secretary enjoy listening to the radio?

Задание 2.

1. art

2. customer

3. in two week’s time

4. chemist’s

5. sock

Задание 3.

I didn’t go anywhere very interesting for my holiday.

Задание 4.

1. San Antonio in central Texas has a large Mexican-American population.

2. Farmers still sometimes find bombs in the fields where World War I took place.

3. My aunt’s apple orchard, where several rare birds come to nest in the spring, is often visited by scientists.

4. We use the room between the living room and the dining room as a study.

5. I’d always wanted to come to Europe because my parents, my family, came from Europe.

Задание 5.

1. Preparation for a trip to a foreign country is quite often nerve-racking.

2. First you’ll have to fill in a form, then hand it over with photos for your visa.

3. When lucky you’ll get it in a week or two.

4. But not all countries have their consular representations in small towns.

5. For instance, if you want to visit Mexico or Argentina, you’ll have to go to Moscow to get a visa.

Задание 6.

1. participate – to take part in

2. obtain – get

3. grateful – thankful

4. chance possibility

5. inconvenience – discomfort

Задание 7.

1. What do you say when you are surprised at some news? – Really? I can hardly believe it.

2. What do you say when you want to change the subject of a conversation? – And what about your report on the bioinformatics?

3. What do you say when you are unable to keep an appointment? – I am sorry but I have to cancel an appointment.

4. What do you say when you are late for a meeting? – I’m sorry for being late.

5. What do you say when you regret that you cannot accept an invitation? I’d love, but I am very busy tonight.

Задание 8.

1. We’ll have to open a checking account.

2. We arrived in New York at 5 o’clock in the morning.

3. Does he have to leave before the end of the play?

4. There are more men than women in the Government.

5. Where were you on holiday last year?

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